GekoBox Referral Program

(last modified: Jul 15, 2018)

Get Paid for 60(sixty) days on each friend referred.

GekoBox referral program is quite straightforward. GekoBox rewards you with 50% of the charges on each trade made by your referrals. Earning from each friend referred will be valid for sixty(60) days period. This gives you the ability to keep getting paid for as long as possible, provided you keep getting active referrals.


Take advantage of the referral program and start earning. Follow the steps below;

  1. Sign-up to get your personnal referral link. This is the link you will need to share to get people to sign-up under you (become your referral)
  2. Share link with friends. When your friends sign-up using your referral link, you are entitle to get rewarded on their trades on GekoBox.
  3. Get paid. Everytime your referrals makes a trade on GekoBox you will receive as much as 50% of the fees charged on the trade. This will be valid for 60 days.


You can use these tips below to promote your referral link, thereby making the most out of our Referral Bonus Program.

  1. Write a review - Place it either on your page, your website or on social media platforms. Also ask friends to share the review to make as many people as possible see it.
  2. Share your experience - Write a detailed tutorial post. Share your experience with audience and teach them how to use and benefit from the services/program (also include pictures).
  3. Email/forum sharing - You can either share post using emails OR create your signature using your referral link, and include it in your emails or forum accounts.
  4. Use our promo materials - Use our banners to direct sign-ups on GekoBox through your referral link. Share banners on your websites, blogs, social medias, etc.
  5. Make a video - If you Have a youtube or IGTV channel, make a video guide, tutorial or review. This could help you get a high conversion.
  6. Advertise - Drive some paid traffic via Ad networks. Always use your referral link as the URL.
  7. Answer questions on - Find related questions on and comment on them. It serves you a good opportunity to share your referral link.

GekoBox Ad Materials

We have prepared a bunch of banners you might want to place on your page, or use for banner advertisements.

The ad materials below is designed by GekoBox for high conversion. Use the materials below to help boost the number of sign-ups using your referral link.


160x600.png banner download


240x400.png banner download


300x250.png banner download


320x100.png banner download


336x280.png banner download


728x90.png banner download

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