Become A Seller.

All GekoBox users can become a bitcoin trader by posting an advert  on the platform for free.
As a trader, you can either post trades ads to buy or sell bitcoin. When you post a trade ad to buy/sell bitcoins, your adverts become eligible to appear on GekoBox homepage, however, adverts are displayed in order of price priority. This makes your adverts visible for other users to either buy bitcoins from you if you are selling, or sell bitcoins to you if you are buying.

Earn our loyalty bonus.
As a means of encouraging traders on GekoBox, we reward selling bitcoins via an advertisement on the platform. You can become a seller on the platform by placing advertisements to sell bitcoin. Whenever a trade is fulfilled on your sell ads, you are instantly rewarded with GekoBox Coin (GBC) in your GekoBox wallet. For every bitcoin sold by means of your sell ads, GekoBox rewards you with 1,000 GBC. Your GBC can be converted to bitcoin and withdrawn into your BTC wallet.